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Fair Vote for Russia protest in Berlin


The Parliamentary elections in Russia on December 4, 2011 exhibited blatant vote manipulation and severe violations of human rights of many Russian citizens. Multiple mass protests were illegally dispersed and hundreds of peaceful protesters illegally detained and persecuted, while the independent press and media in Russia are actively suppressed by the government. WE SAY «NO» TO REPRESSIONS, FALSIFICATIONS, AND LIES!

On December 10th, 2011 a global action of solidarity FAIR VOTE FOR RUSSIA will show support for sister protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which are expected to gather over 30,000 participants and are part of a series of protests taking place in 80 cities in Russia, as well as in New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Oslo, Tokyo, Seoul, Toronto, San Francisco, Washington, Montreal, Bergen, Dublin, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Kharkiv, Kiev, Lyon, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Bern, Vancouver, Munich and over 50 other cities all over the globe. (From https://www.facebook.com/groups/285234968184636/doc/286243138083819/)

So how it was in Berlin:

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